The preparation of a skilled, successful workforce aligned to the needs of business and industry.
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Strategic Goals

A. Lead the Region’s one-stop career center system which:

  • Aligns education, employment and training services
  • Reinforces retraining and retention of the current workforce
  • Provides valued services and dependable results for business and the workforce
  • Embeds the principles of continuous quality improvement

  B.  Strengthen the Regional workforce development system which:

  • Expands ways in which business is engaged
  • Tailors its services and products responsive to business
  • Leverages resources and aligns strategies of key partners
  • Partners strategically to strengthen regional competitiveness and job creation
  • Elevates support of workforce development issues, policies and initiatives

C.  Champion a systemic approach to lifelong learning which:

  • Is responsive to business and industry needs
  • Enables workers to identify opportunities and pathways for career success
  • Offers workers opportunities to upgrade their skills in response to changing workforce needs and challenges
  • Promotes competency-based education and training programs

D. Strategically Partner with Regional Economic Development:

  • Identify opportunities to align education, workforce and economic development
  • Leverage resources to achieve common goals