NWC Success Stories

Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) students, funded by NWC, walk-in Skagit Valley College’s graduation. They have diverse backgrounds: Iraq War veterans, dislocated workers, low-income adults, single mothers, and immigrants. Once they pass their licensure exam their opportunities are just as varied; pediatrics, cancer care, and working as LPNs while pursuing an RN degree. Working together to become LPNs they shared a strong desire to help others. Because of the opportunity provided through NWC, they have an opportunity to do just that while working in a high-wage, high-demand field.

Collaborative Solutions for Key Local Industries

“There is a critical need to fill healthcare positions. Concurrently, many people in our community are looking for training or experience to grow their careers. WorkSource is helping us bridge that gap by developing partnerships that focus on the creation of training programs, employment, and career ladders within the healthcare field.

The bilingual Licensed Practical Nurse training program, initiated through WorkSource, helped us address the need to expand the ‘pipeline’ of qualified and ready candidates for healthcare career opportunities. It also increases access to quality care for underserved and minority populations. By providing the community with local employees who are fluent in the languages of these minorities, we expect to see improved medical care and health cost containment.”

— Terry Brennan, Vice President Human Resources, PeaceHealth of Washington & Alaska

WorkSource helps us meet our hiring goals. When we identify a skills gap or training need, WorkSource serves as a tangible resource.”

— Shawna Unger, Human Resources, St. Joseph Hospital

Creating Business Solutions that Work for You

“WorkSource gave us prominence in the marketplace and lent credibility to our hiring process. From arranging job displays in their lobby to TV interviews, they handled everything.

We outlined our needs and there wasn’t anything WorkSource couldn’t do. They really wanted us to succeed. It was such an advantage for us to have access to their professional staff, facility, and resources at no cost. I’d give WorkSource the highest possible rating.”

— Ray Chapman, Store Manager Lowe’s Home Improvement

Building a Skilled and Productive Workforce

“The training WorkSource provides addresses a critical skills gap within our company and assists us in becoming a role model for other businesses.”

— Wes Fridell, Human Resources, Northern Marine

“When Northern Marine introduced a new resin infusion process, there would not have been adequate training without the WorkSource partners. Now, thanks to them, we are reaping the benefits of a highly skilled workforce. We are also providing opportunities for our employees to receive the training and experience to upgrade their skills, which results in higher wages. This training may be used for those who want to find work in the boat-building industry.”

— Richard “Bud” LeMieux, President, Northern Marine